A local point of view of a global situation

12 Jul

Worries in two sides of the borderline.

Today my baby woke me up at 5:30 a.m. After having taken her to our bed (not without my wife complaining), I grabbed the remote control and turned the TV on. As a neighbor of a border city, I can access channels in two countries: Mexico and the United States of America. I chose a news program from the most important broadcasting company in Mexico.

The first note was talking about the conflict in Libya. As we all know, this started because the people did not want to continue living under the same conditions. The next one was about Greece. The same situation: they disagree with the government´s Austerity Plan so they went to the streets and showed their anger. Greece has been in serious economical problems for years.

After that news cast, a series consisting of three main concerns due to Mexico’s insecurity. It showed scenes from three cities in different states. It was related with shootings between Mexican Armed Forces and members of criminal cells from “zetas” and another mexican cartels. Before the anger manifestations around the world, I asked myself, how this global situation affects my environment.

I generated a facebook survey of the principal worries in both countries. In Mexico it was made to people who live in the states of Sonora, Chihuahua, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas. In The United States of America it was applied to inhabitants of Texas. Arizona, California and New York. In a person to person interview that was conducted amongst 15 people from Matamoros and 15 people from Brownsville half of this people own a small-to-medium business.

The survey asks only one question and gives 3 options to answer from, with possibility to suggest another different answer. Here is a transcription of it.

In your actual situation, what do you worry about?

a) Violence in the city where I live.

b) The lack of job opportunities in the city where I live.

c) The lack of study opportunities in the city where I live.

d) Better conditions of infrastructure for the city where I live.

The result shows that 58% of the Mexicans’ principal worry is violence in their cities. It was followed by one answer suggested by a participant. The suggested answer refers to “the thought of corruption in government” with 29.3 % people agreeing to it as well as the lack of job opportunities with 11.9%. They related all his activities to the status of daily violence. The first new they look for on TV. or radio is about the security situation. Meanwhile 60%, of United States border population mostly worries about the lack of job opportunities, but lack of study opportunities has 30% of answers and better infrastructure in the city, 20%.

How do I think this affects my context? The global economy is recovering from the crisis and the general global instability affects in a negative way to such recuperation. According to the International Monetary Fund, this year recuperation will be around 4.5% but in the advanced economies, it will be of 2.5% (World Economic Outlook Update by the IMF June 2011). Mexican economy is much closed related to the United States´, then, both economies will be still depressed in 2011. If we add this economical situation in Mexico to daily violence and the thought of corruption in the government, the growth of the Mexican economy will be almost null.

The business owners, from southern neighbor, are closing their doors, it have generated a lack of current money. For my city, the Mexican customers are important, even more than local market. Today the Mexican IPC grew 0.46% meanwhile Dow Jones 0.99%, a small advance but not enough to re-activate my city´s economy.

If there is a lack of customers at the stores, my brother or my sister could lose the job , it may be that my best friend have had to lay off employees and finally closed the restaurant that he owns, the people would stop spending their money, there would not be taxes paid, the city administration would stop working in the city care, the people would start to get scared first then desperate and latterly angry, in such situation we could have the conflicts like the three countries I have previously mentioned. It would be the end of our life style.

That is the way I think the events all over the world affects my environment… at the end we are neighbors in planet.

I strongly wish that any kind of violence around the world ends in short term.

God bless United States of America

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